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Find the best locations and itineraries for your trips, save your travel memories and earn from your travel experience!

Who is our application for?

The perfect tool for travel bloggers, group travel organizers, and ordinary travelers!


For travelers willing to save time and money needed on planning an itinerary for a trip in Ukraine or worldwide.


For travelers who want to earn money from their travel experience and share cool itineraries with future travelers.

About us

When traveling, you always want to see as many cool locations as possible for as little money as possible. This requires wise planning. How much time, money, and nerves can be saved if someone deals with all these questions for you and shares the final reliable experience?

This is how tTravel was born — an application from travelers to travelers, offering ready-made optimal itineraries for you to enjoy your adventure to the maximum and avoid any pitfalls in planning.

The application allows experienced travelers to make money on their trips simply by sharing them with others or to save travel memories in a form of structured digital travel diaries.

Co Founder 1
Oleksandr Buratynskyi
Agile Coach | Business-consultant | QA Manager
Co Founder 2
Artem Shambalov
Videographer | Translator | Entrepreneur

Our itineraries

What’s inside the itinerary?

Detailed trips around the world

Interactive maps

Text and voice notes

Life hacks

Photo and video materials

How does the constructor work?

Tap + at the bottom of the screen


Fill in each day's information separately, adding descriptions, photos, videos, audio, and text notes


Add separate sections with life hacks or tips (for example, “Must have on a trip”, “Car rental”, etc.)


Fill in general information about the entire trip, the number of days, locations, and difficulty level


Preview the itinerary-diary before publishing

Future plans
Web version
Automatic creation of personalized travel itineraries in a few clicks
Personalized travel universe in your smartphone
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A Great Journey Across Ukraine

We have spent a year developing a free Ukraine itinerary for 50 days based on a two-month trip with inspiring videos, photos, and tips. This is our gift to the country and everyone willing to travel around our beautiful Ukraine.

"I used to think I knew a lot about Ukraine, but now I understand that I knew almost nothing. Our country has a huge number of unique tourist locations. Even a whole summer will not be enough to see all Ukrainian tourist treasures!"
Artem Shambalov
Co-founder of tTravel and the author of the Great Journey Across Ukraine
The movie about Ukraine

In addition to the itinerary, we shot a movie about Ukrainian touristic potential.

Language: Ukrainian


Subtitles: English



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